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Website Evaluation Market Research


Evaluate Your Website And Also Learn How To Increase Your Number Of Visitors  


All successful websites are designed so that they are user friendly and meet customer needs. In addition, for sites to be successful they must be found. What's the point of having an excellent website if your customers can't find it?    

Through our knowledge and expertise we are not only able to offer website evaluation research (which many other agencies do as well) but in combination we are also able to recommend how to optimise your site so that you can increase the number of visitors using it on a daily basis. An investment ultimately worth taking! - more visitors = more enquiries/sales.  

Want to see if we practise what we preach? - Have a go at typing "Market Research Project" into, you'll find us at the top! Also, with our sister site: if you type in "Market Research" you'll find it on the first page of Google, in about 3rd place.

On our latest project with the Shepherds Friendly Society, Nigel Briggs, Business Development Manager said:

"The research undertaken by DJS has provided us with a far better insight into the attitudes and aspirations of our members. Although it confirmed certain assumptions we had about our members, the research also highlighted one or two unexpected findings, and as such will enable us to improve the relationship we have with our members.

However, the benefit of any research like this is only as good as the response you make to it. In combining its research skills with the technical knowledge of Nathan Dickman, DJS provided us with valuable feedback not only on how to improve the look and feel of our sites, but also how to increase the accessibility of those sites."

If you would like to see how the Shepherds Friendly Society is getting on with implementing the suggested changes, please visit:

If you are interested in using market research to evaluate your website and would also like to learn how to generate more traffic, DJS Research Ltd can help. Please give us a call on 01663-767857 or use our contact form.


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